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  1. Downloading TV shows IS illegal where you live
  2. I have a Plex Pass
  3. I snapped the Deluge snap

Installing Snaps

snap install sonarr deluge-lukewh plexmediaserver


snap install --edge caddy

Set up

Shared mounts

Snaps are confined, as such they can’t talk to each other easily. Fortunately there’s an interface available for all 3 snaps called removable-media. I can use this interface to create a shared mount that all 3 snaps can access.

Create the following folders as your user: Downloading, Downloaded, and Media.

Create the following folders: /mnt/Downloading, /mnt/Downloaded, and /mnt/Media.

I created a file called mountall. I run it whenever I restart my server: ./mountall*. Run it now.


mount --bind /home/username/Downloading/ /mnt/Downloading
mount --bind /home/username/Downloaded/ /mnt/Downloaded
mount --bind /home/username/Media /mnt/Media
chown -R root:username /mnt/*

Make the file executable chmod +x mountall.

*When the server has restarted the snap daemons won’t have access to the mounts (they’ve not been created), so it’s important to restart all 3 with snap restart :snapName after running ./mountall.

Optional Caddy

Define your config in Caddyfile.

deluge.domain.com {
  reverse_proxy localhost:8112
  log log/access.deluge.log

sonarr.domain.com {
  reverse_proxy localhost:8989
  log log/access.sonarr.log

plex.domain.com {
  reverse_proxy localhost:32400
  log log/access.plex.log

Upload it to Caddy

curl localhost:2019/load \
-H "Content-Type: text/caddyfile" \
--data-binary @Caddyfile

Restart Caddy daemon snap restart caddy.