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DRAFT - Notebooks

Tags: BookBinding

I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands. Over the years I’ve attempted small scale, simple carpentry but it’s a time, space and, to a lesser extent, financial commitment so I never have make the time to work on any projects.

I’ve become interested in Tabletop RPGs since the beginning of the year and through this I’ve bought many PDF rule books and booklets for various systems. While PDFs are cheaper, save on paper and are more easily searchable, I’ve never liked reading long-form content like books on a screen. This planted a seed in my brain about printing and binding these PDFs myself, and over the course of a week and watching many YouTube videos by DAS Bookbinding I decided that, yeah, I can do this.

Book #1

I’m not going to lie, I went big for my first book. I decided to create a hardcover notebook with a faux leather covering. I left the pages blank, but everything else was yellow. I made many mistakes, but, even though I aimed high, I’m proud of the result, I created a functional notebook.

Book #2